57 Channels and Nothin’ On

Only… only, there is something on.  Or there will be, soon.

New Torchwood season two trailer


We canceled our cable service… hell, over a year ago, now, because we just don’t watch enough television to justify spending $50 or more a month on it.  I very rarely miss it.  If I want the news, I’ve got the interwebz.  We have plenty of things on DVD to work our ways through and keep us entertained.

But there are still things I miss – The Daily Show, anything with Alton Brown, the SciFi channel and BBC America.  It’s all basic cable, and I know some of the things I’m missing out on are available on the channels’ websites for a while after they air, but it’s not quite the same.

Ah, well.  The money goes towards better things (like, oh, heat.)  But… damn, my monitor just doesn’t do Captain Jack justice.

Cap’n Jack

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