A big ol’ plug

Listen to me.


I won’t steer you wrong. 

Some of you watch Battlestar Galactica, and this is for you.  I’ve plugged Jacob before.  I’m doing it again.  If you’re not reading his recaps over at Television Without Pity, you are missing out.  Those recaps are love letters to the show, to the story, and reading his reviews feels like sitting down with a friend, discussing the show over beer or coffee.

He recapped Doctor Who for the first two seasons, before TWOP took it off the list of active things.  (And yes, I am re-reading the recaps from the end of season two, because I just know something here in season four is going to break my heart all over again, and I’m not sure I can actually watch  “Army of Ghosts” and “Doomsday” right now.)

I know, I’ve probably said it all before.  But I wouldn’t send you there if it wasn’t totally worth it.

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2 Responses to A big ol’ plug

  1. torteya says:

    Holly balls, have you seen the latest recap (episode 4)?

    SciFi should totally beg him to blog officially for them and/or let him have a sitdown with the writers. And he posted it about 48hrs after the show aired. Shit.

  2. falconesse says:


    This wasn’t there when I looked at about 3:30 yesterday, just the recaplet. Sneaky Jacob is sneaky.

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