Not Quite a Project

I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at ficlets since someone* talked them up a long while back. But, damn. Writing a short story that’s limited not just to 1,024 words, but to a mere 1,024 characters

It’s a challenge, especially for me.

But eventually a phrase came to me, and a bit of a scene, and I thought I might be able to make something out of it. I poked at it and tweaked it until it worked (or so I think), and clicked publish before I could chicken out.

So, if you’re curious (begin self-plug): “The Sound of Thunder Heard Remote” is herein linked. (end self-plug)

I don’t know how often I’ll churn these things out; there are longer projects I’d like to stop neglecting. But I think this one turned out okay.

*Scalzi, most likely – as with many other good things, I found his off of Making Light before he stopped writing them.

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