Wingbeats of a Dove

Okay. We have far, far too long until BSG’s endgame begins. Nothing new (from what I understand) until 2009. Which means… let the speculation begin!

If you haven’t seen the most recent episode, “Revelations,” DO NOT CLICK THE MORE BUTTON.

Because, darlin’-pretties, there will be many spoilers after you (insert Hybrid-voice here)… Jump!

My thoughts are still a jumble of ohmygods. I’ll warn you, I’m going to be all over the place with this one and just barely coherent. Sentence fragments ahead.

First of all. Fuck. Tory. Right in her Final Five, bitchy Cylon ear*. “I don’t take orders from you anymore.” Roslin should have stood up and punched her in the mouth.

Sam watching Kara look at Kat’s picture at the end kind of broke my heart a bit.

Tigh and Adama… of all the betrayals, this one hurt the most. Because Tigh wants so badly to be human, to prove that even if he is, by birth or build or whatever you call it when a Cylon comes into the world – even though he is one of those frakkin’ skinjobs, Saul Tigh is more human than 99% of the actual humans in the Fleet. More than most of the crew of the Galactica, even. All he wanted was to go on being the man he wished to be, all he wanted was to not break Bill’s heart – to not take yet another person away from the Old Man, who has, time and again, believed every last person he loved dead. Sure, they’ve all – Kara, Lee, Laura – come back to him, but this admission puts a bigger wall between them than even death could. And he was so rock solid in his conviction that the threat of spacing him would stop D’Anna.

I think he almost wanted to be spaced, now that the terrible truth he’s been living with has finally come to light. How can you be the man you want to be when everyone knows you’re a Cylon? Even Athena, who has finally been accepted by the Viper pilots, will still always have that one thing making her different from the rest – newfound mortality or not, she’s still a machine. Tigh wants to be a man, wants to be as human as he always thought he was, but is anyone ever going to let him be that way, ever again?

Laura. Laura, Laura, Laura. She’s just found Bill again, she’s just started admitting that she can love and be loved, and yet she can give this order to him: destroy the very ship she’s on – and with it the dream of what brief happiness the two of them can finally begin to shape – to save humanity the only way she knows how.

And when she’s told that no, maybe it’s not the only way, maybe it’s not the right thing… for the first time, Laura Roslin bends. She’s grown in between the jumps, she’s changed for the better, and it’s not that she’s groveling to Tory, it’s not that she’s begging her – she’s asking Tory to help make things right, to work with her to fix the mistake. She’s not giving Tory an order – if anything, Laura Roslin is talking to Tory as an equal (“They revere you. They’ll listen to you.”) It can’t be easy, after so long at the top, to remember how to do that.

Think about it – before the Cylon attack, Laura Roslin was the Secretary of Education. Then, suddenly, she’s thrown into the role of President of the Twelve Colonies – she has never once met with, say, a foreign head of state on equal footing, because before the attacks she would have been below them in political ranking. She’s been rocketed to the highest position in the human race, and the only person who is near her equal is Bill Adama, and even then, he is technically supposed to be her subordinate.

Even their previous meetings with the Cylons have had Roslin with the upper-hand. She’s had all of, oh, half an hour with D’Anna, who was still fresh out of the box – not much time to learn (and it seems like D’Anna didn’t truly take charge of the rebels until after she and Roslin finished talking.) So this is new territory to her. Her tone is careful, not pleading, feeling out new territory in interpersonal political relations. How unfortunate that her first attempt is with Tory frakkin’ Foster.

I love Laura Roslin so much it hurts.

Earth. Holy shit. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s our Earth, or a parallel, BSG-equivalent thereof. I’ve seen some sites suggesting we saw the burnt and twisted ruins of the Brooklyn Bridge (including the Battlestar Wiki), but I’m pretty sure they were standing in the ruins of the Temple of Aurora that Lee and Kara were musing over earlier in the episode. So, my money is on Not Really Our Future.

(Also, I’m glad I wasn’t hallucinating the Hemingway reference when they were looking at the book. Lee says to Kara, “Yeah, pretty to think so,” in response to her suggestion that they’d walk the Temple’s halls. The last line of The Sun Also Rises is “Yeah, isn’t it pretty to think so?”)

I’m sure we’ll eventually learn what happened to Earth. Is it possible that there was another Cylon attack before the Fleet arrived? Might the other half – the 1s, 4s and 5s – have somehow beaten them to Earth? Though, it seems like too long has passed for the attack to have been recent, so this is unlikely.

All right, enough from me. I know there are more of you who are still reeling. Have at it.

*actually, with her track record, she’d probably let someone do that. Ew.

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3 Responses to Wingbeats of a Dove

  1. Bobby Ewing says:

    They have posted up a UHQ Ultra High Resolution panorama of the bridge scene over at the BS section here

    I am not so sure what it is supposed to be.

  2. Itanya Blade says:

    If I say I wasn’t surprised will I be in trouble? Because I truly wasn’t it. Something has been nagging me this whole time. If Earth was so wonderful, so perfect, why had people left?

    I am more curious about the final five, or rather, why did those four chose to forget who they were and become human? There’s a deeper mystery there that I hope will be tapped.

  3. Alison Clark says:

    I think both you and the Brooklyn Bridge people are right. It looks like remnants of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. However, the structure shown first and in greater detail looks a lot like the engraving Lee is looking at of the Temple of Aurora. As BSG takes place thousands of years in the future, who knows what was built after today, or what our society or survivors of our society decided to worship? (I’m also inclined to say it’s our Earth because of BSG’s trend towards making social commentary.) Either way, I can’t wait to find out!

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