Black Friday Looms

Back in my bookstore days, this would be the week of calm-before-storm. Sales would have picked up a bit, with the early Christmas shoppers getting a jump start, but the madness of the Christmas season was still just over the horizon.

We’d be stocking the store, anticipating the rush, staring at the schedule in the back room. (“Holy shit, we’re open ’till when?”)

I miss it year-round, but during the holidays, my missing the bookstore goes up to eleven. I know, I know – long hours, flustered customers, frustrating days trying to get the hot titles back in stock when the publishers run out – but I loved it. Even when I was feeling the burnout on December 23rd, I loved it. It never bothered me to work on Christmas Eve.

So, this year, with the economy being gorram scary, I thought I’d remind those of you starting to compose your gift lists to keep your local bookstores in mind.

Smarter people are way ahead of me. Two websites to check out:

Books = Gifts has some great suggestions and contests running. There are links there to several online retailers. Indie Bound will help you find your local independent bookseller. Powell’s is one of the biggest indies in the country.

And tomorrow, November 22nd, is America Unchained Day. So, if you’re thinking about getting a head start on your shopping, or you just feel like finding something good to read for yourself, why not go tomorrow and support your local independent bookstore?

Don’t know where one is in your area? Indie Bound has a search page just for you!

Need recommendations? Want to recommend something to any of the six other people reading this? Comments are open!

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