Love Your Indie Month

The month’s half over, but that by no means makes it a wash.  Joe Hill has declared March Love Your Indie Month, and for that I <3 him mightily.

So hie thee to your local independent bookstore and pick up that book you’ve been eyeing for the past few months, or that one that your friend recommended to you last week that sounded sort of keen.  Or if you don’t have anything in mind, well, hey, what better way to spend an hour than wandering the stacks of a bookstore, looking for something that catches your fancy?

AND because he’s apparently six kinds of bottled awesome, he’s running a Love Your Indie contest.  Shop at an indie bookstore between now and the 31st, email him the receipt and your shipping address, and your name will be placed in a drawing to win something shiny from Mr. Hill himself or from Subterranean Press, who are also awesome and who have also decided to play along.

Don’t know where there’s an indie near you?  Never fear!  Go plug in your zip code at Indie Bound and they’ll find one for you.  If there still aren’t any nearby, most stores participating in Indie Bound have websites you can order through.  And if you’re having trouble choosing one, I’m sure one of us here can offer up some suggestions and recommend one of their own local favorites.  Also, small indie publishers count for this contest as well, so if you see something at Subterranean (or another indie publisher)  that you like, that counts, too.

For myself, I sense a trip to Pandemonium in my near future…

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