Round Two

So, if you haven’t been privy to recent qq’ing, I’ll say it here:  rejected, again.

And again, a very nice, personal rejection, with the encouraging “We hope to see more from you!” at the end, so I’m trying not to woe-is-me too much.  I knew it was a long-shot, and that in both cases the places I submitted to don’t publish a whole truckload of flash fiction.  They’re also my shoot-for-the-stars places, where if I ever do see my name, I’ll probably leave my computer connected permanently to that webpage, frame my monitor and hang it on the wall.  (Yes, I realize getting ~$50 for flash fiction doesn’t quite cover the cost of a new system or even, in some cases, a picture frame, but still.  Worth it.)

Anyway, that leaves me with a couple of options: resubmit elsewhere, or rework the story.  Now, logic says that I’ve only been rejected twice, so I ought to keep plugging along and see if I can find it a home.  However, both editors said something similar: I don’t do enough that’s new with the story.  There’s part of me trying to see what other angle I might take with it to make it stronger, fresher, but at the moment I don’t see what I could do to fix it.

I can run myself around in circles over it all day (like I have for the past two), or pick a plan and get on it.  The best answer, I suppose, is to keep submitting and look at it now and again to see if a good idea for a rewrite comes to me in the meantime.

This is, at least, good practice for shopping Nin around.  It’s getting closer and closer to done.  Go us!

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  1. Von says:

    Hang in there.
    I have faith in you.

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