Status of the Things

Back in January I talked about things that need getting done.  It’s been almost four months, so a bit of a checking-in seems in order.  Some of the less-active parts of the list are pasted wholesale from the original, so don’t be surprised if you’re feeling some deja vu.

Things to get written in 2011:

actively tapping away at:

  • Night Owls — closing in on 78,000 words, in the home stretch of the first draft.  Urban fantasy
  • “Gid” — Steampunk-ish, still rattling around in the brain.  Need to spend some time thinking about who and what he is before I know where it even fits.  Some days it’s a middle-grade boys’ thing.  Other days it’s a short story for grown-ups.
  • “Letters to Janey” — I think it’s a fairy tale.  I’m not sure Janey’s even in it anymore. Fantasy.

on the horizon:

  • The Nin Sequel (with Hill) –  at the 57,000 words mark, a little past halfway done. YA
  • Oracle — if you read/listened to “Apex,” this is more of the prophetess’ story.  Torn between keeping it steampunk vs going to a more traditional fantasy.  Needs more thinking.
  • This story about some gods strolling into a small town in… Texas?  Nevada?  Not sure yet.  Also not sure if it’s a short story or a novel or what.  It wibbles between the two in my head.
  • Grailchild — /shakes fist

finished work:

  • I have a short piece out there now, pending response.
  • Looking at shelving “Kate” for awhile — I’ve poked at it, tweaked it as much as I think it can be tweaked, but I’m not sure there’s a proper home for it.  It’s not a horror story.  It is a ghost story, but melancholy rather than scary, and if there’s a pro-paying market out there seeking those, well, I’m open to suggestion.
  • “Supernova” I’m also leaving be.  It’s too short for consideration at most places looking for flash, but I don’t think adding to it is the answer.  Sometimes, you just have to call a story finished.

Still with me?  What I’d like to do, once Night Owls is done, is take a few days and peer at some of the projects I’ve marked off as needs-more-thinky.  I’m in the mood for fantasy in some form, and I need to figure out if a few of the characters poking about in my head are part of the same story or come from different universes.  Some of them feel bleak and gritty, others are bedecked in jewels and arrogance.  I’m not sure if their borders intersect.

I’d also like to get more short-form stuff going.  The above projects could all be novel-length, if I let them grow that big, but there’s a nice satisfaction that comes with finishing something, and I wouldn’t mind feeling that a little more often.

Anyway, 60K down on the big project since the start of the year, and the light at the end of the tunnel approaching (well, before edits, but shhhhh let me pretend).  I think I have two and a half chapters to go.  It might be three and a half.  Still, close enough I can taste it.

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