Janus, Retreating

I know, this post should have gone up yesterday, when the traditional ruminating on the past and coming years is done.

But I wasn’t done ruminating, and thus, this post comes not as we stand just over the thresshold of the year, but maybe, I don’t know, a step or two inside, just enough to have tracked a little mud into the hallway. Or for our host to come tearing out of the kitchen shouting “take off your shoes I just mopped!”

I couldn’t remember if I’d done one of these resolution-y posts for 2011, but lo, I did. I actually dreaded searching for that, since, well, what if I hadn’t accomplished anything? The good news is, I seem to have done some stuff:

  • Night Owls is done. I could’ve sworn I’d blogged about finishing it, but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere. Finished it in June over one feverish leave me the fuck alone, I’m writing weekend. Polished and edited over the next few months. Sent it off to Miriam and she didn’t hate it. Huzzah! Which makes 2012 the year of nail-biting as it goes out to editors.
  • Gid is my current project. You might notice it’s gone from “Gid” to Gid. In my head, it made the transition from a short story to not just a novel, but a middle-grade novel. I’d like to be further along on it than I am — 18,000 words in puts me somewhere between a third and halfway in. More outlining should make that end word-count goal a bit clearer. I’d really like to finish it before March.
  • “Running” became “Along the Portal Road” and has been sold to an anthology. More on that soon!

In the spirit of (as Logen Ninefingers would say) being realistic about these things, I’m shelving a few projects for the time being:

  • The Nin Sequel (with Hill) sitting at about 57K and likely to stay there for awhile until we hear more about book one.
  • “Letters to Janey” — Also temporarily back-burnered until I figure out where it’s going.
  • “Kate” — Sadly, I think I’m trunking this one for now. It doesn’t quite fit into any markets I’ve researched, which makes it tough to place. If you hear any calls for bittersweet ghost stories that aren’t actually scary, let me know!

In comparison to other writers, it’s not the most prolific of years. I’m sure if I tallied up all of my writing over the course of 2011, it’d be a nifty-ish number, certainly not a bad one for someone with my schedule. Still, there’s part of me saying, not good enough. Do more. Which leads to the crux of my resolutions for 2012:

This is the year I give myself a break, and the year I demand more from myself.

Contradictory, yet not. Any deadlines I’m on right now are entirely arbitrary. The only person I disappoint by blowing them is me. Which, y’know. A million and ten self-helpy-type people would say I should be at the top of my own Do Not Disappoint These People list.

So, okay, I’m up there.

The plan, then, is to hold myself accountable for writerly goals, but when the inevitable spanner gets thrown into the works, to adjust rather than berate.

We’ll see how that goes.

Looking forward at the mud I plan to track across 2012’s floor:

To write:
Gid — first draft by March 2012
Gavrick’s Brood — name very subject to change. Trying to leave it for after Gid, but damn is it clamoring. Aiming to start it by May.
“The Fire Children”
“The Desert in Fimbulwinter”
“The Reunion Tour of Billy James and the Flamethrowers, or How Billy Got the Band Back Together”

All of those stories have been started, but have otherwise been put aside. They currently mainly exist in snippets strewn throughout my docs folder, my gmail inbox, and the occasional Evernote file. Ideally, I’d like to finish all of them and get them submitted by the end of the year. I won’t be sticking due dates on them until I have an idea of how Gid is going.

Right, then. I have a clockwork boy who needs to come to a bad realization. Happy New Year, you lot.

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