Friday Linkery

It’s Friday again and, let’s face it, you’re clicking around the internet waiting for it to be 5:00. (Why else would you be here?)

So, here, have some neat things that have been in my tabs this week:

Book Industry Things:

So, J.K. Rowling wrote/is writing a novel for adults. And I get to sell it. Huzzah!

Amazon has yanked the Kindle buy buttons from books distributed by Independent Publishers Group. Because IPG wouldn’t agree to the new terms Amazon wanted. Which heavily favored Amazon.

One IPG author’s response.

SFWA announced the 2011 Nebula Awards nominees. So much to add to my reading pile!

Writerly Things

Chuck Wendig gives “aspiring writers” a little tough love.

Rachelle Gardner gives writers 6 Reasons to Be Optimistic.


Remember how I want us to go to Mars? Martian sunset, y’all. Come on, you know you want to, too.

Space elevators!

Gaming and Feminism

Applecidermage on Why “Make Me a Sandwich” Needs to Go Away.

Also in “people are assholes on the internet:” female BioWare writer Jennifer Hepler gets pigpiled on for, uh, writing. Specifically, for adding the potential for same-sex romances in some BioWare games. Which, if you don’t want your Dude!Hawke to romance Anders? DON’T FLIRT WITH ANDERS. /rawrfroth. Anyway, combine that with another statement she made saying that hey, more story-oriented players should be able to skip combat the way more combat-oriented players can skip through dialogue, and the internet asploded with misogyny. Thankfully, BioWare responded with support for Ms. Hepler and a donation to Bullying Canada. I’m already a Dragon Age fan, but let me say again, this company is awesome.

Speaking of Dragon Age, Green Ronin has released the open playtest for their Dragon Age RPG Set 3.


Check out the trailer for 4:44: Last Day on Earth. How cool does that look?

What slacktastic links are you following today, internet?

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