Brain Melting, Send Pie

I’m ten kinds of exhausted right now. The last few months have been travel, travel, and more travel, and the end isn’t quite in sight.

They’ve been good trips, mind you, all things I’ve been excited to do or see or participate in, and the trips coming up are just as shiny. (Holy shit, Viable Paradise in less than two weeks holy shit).

It has, however, wrought some havoc on my writing time. For the last couple of months, especially since returning from WorldCon, I was cramming for last week’s work trip like I was back in college. I’m okay with this, I mean, it’s my job, and the cramming boils down to “I read a lot of books and thought about how to help my bookstores get excited for them.” Like I said in my last update, POOR ME.

Still, brains are fried. I’ve tinkered and poked at a few projects, but I’ve only added maybe a thousand words or so to The Fire Children in the last month, and that bothers me.  In my head, I know I was making a choice to put the day job first (y’know, the one that pays the bills and keeps me caffeinated), and it was the right thing to do.

I did contribute to a bit of nerdery, using some of my down-time from studying to write a few scenes for the Wildfire Riders’ story Forgebreaking. Yep, my WoW guild collaborated on what turned out to be a novella, and I have to say it turned out pretty damned good. We have a damned talented bunch of writers there, and I’m honored to get to work alongside them.

Writing Threnn’s bits for that rejuvenated me somewhat, in the sense of okay, yes, I can still put nose to grindstone and do this. On the other hand, it left me wishing that all my stories came as easily as that one did.

Then, of course, I realized what was going on. I’ve been playing these characters for seven years. That’s how long I’ve been in their heads, figuring out what makes them tick, how they’d react to different situations, what’s in-character for them, what’s out. With The Fire Children, I’m still early on in the story. I’m not entirely in Yulla’s headspace yet, and some of the worldbuilding is incomplete.

This happened with Gid.

This happened with Night Owls.

Eventually, sitting down to write for Yulla will be like visiting a friend. But I’m not there yet, not quite. The seeds of the story have been in my mind for nearly two years, but I only started watering them a few months ago. I also need to remember that this is a first draft. It’s okay to bounce around a bit, to skip ahead to a scene that’s vivid in my head and fill back in later. (Or figure out if I even need to fill back in.)

So, writing updatery:

Active Projects:

The Fire Children — see musings above.
Adrift — my VP submission. I keep eyeing it askance.

Still on the Horizon:

Gavrick’s Brood — I’m backburnering this one for now. I still really like the story, but there are a few issues with it I’m not quite ready to untangle just yet.
“The Desert in Fimbulwinter”
“The Reunion Tour of Billy James and the Flamethrowers, or How Billy Got the Band Back Together”

Onward into fall!

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