Slow and Steady Something Something

Starting word count: 55449
Tasty beverage: This bottle of red zin I need to finish off before Gen Con
Chocolate and other sustenance: Strawberry sorbet comin’ right up
Feline evictions: None! Ha! I am not at my desk so they can’t get up here! I win! (Until Matthew decides my lap looks cozy, that is.)
Ending word count: 57137

Got a good chunk of writing done yesterday, though I had to give up finally because my brain was all yeahnozzzzzzz.

I figured, bang out the last 500ish words of the chapter on the train, cheese those into Sunday’s word count, because really, they’re what I totally would have written. If I could have stayed conscious.

Only, I wasn’t quite done by the time the train rolled into South Station. Neither did I finish on the ride home (even though I was well past that “la la la, it’s just 500 words” point). The dude sitting beside me, I think, was reading as I typed. I, uh, hope he dug what he saw?

Got home and I STILL wasn’t done. 1688 words today on a chapter that ended up stretching to just shy of 4400 (oops). But hey, it’s one more chapter down, which means I can say we’re now looking at…

Three chapters and an epilogue to go! Woooo!

And I have a piece of chapter 17 written already. It’s tallied there in the total wordcount because damn it, I’ve written it, so I’m giving myself credit.

(So there)

(You’re not the boss of me)

(Maybe that sorbet needs some kind of booze mixed in.)

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