Roll Up to the Door of the Waiting New Year

Same source as the last post, nerd points still up for grabs.

My theme, if you will, for 2013, was dare mighty things.

I did all right with that, I think. I put myself out there for more freelancing work and got it. I submitted a flash story to Fireside Magazine and it comes out next week.

When I wrote my look-ahead, Night Owls and Gid were still out on sub. Night Owls found a home and oh my god it comes out in less than two months what.

I finished writing The Fire Children at the end of August, and it is now out on submission. The nail-biting never ends around here.

New Year’s Day is supposed to be about new things, new projects, but honestly I liked daring mighty things a lot. I’m going to keep doing them, keep daring them. I figure this year’s going to be filled with enough new shiny that maybe a bit of familiarity’s not such a bad idea.

So, onward to 2014.

This is the year my words get out there.

This month — next Wednesday! — the January issue of Fireside Magazine goes live. “Ex Astris,” my story which will appear in there, is my first pro short story sale.

Next month (next. month. what) Night Owls is officially released into the wild on February 25th. I am still parsing this, because whoa. It’s still surreal, and I feel like maybe it always will be.

One thing I have to learn how to do this year is self-promote. I have this stigma against tooting my own horn, and uh. I kind of need to get over that. So this is probably a good time to say that Night Owls is available for pre-order through your favorite book emporium. Convenient linkery, if you’re so inclined: Indiebound | Barnes & Noble | Amazon

My fingers are crossed that some of the writing I’ve done for RPGs will see print this year. I’ve worked on some amazingly cool projects, cats ‘n’ kittens, and I’m geeked to think people might play the adventures I’ve written. Links when I have ’em.

I’ve heard that what you do on New Year’s Day sets the tone for the coming year. Today I’m writing. I’m pretty happy with that.

Some loose threads from past years to pick up include:

Practicing my guitar more consistently. Got a copy of Rocksmith for Christmas, and the poor ol’ Fender’s gathering dust, so once my wrists stop aching from finishing Ghost Town, I’ll be giving that a whirl. I hear there’s music at some of these cons, and I know there’s music at VP.

Get moving again. I am a wimp about the cold, so sucking it up and walking/running in the winter is just plain unlikely. We bought a treadmill, though, so it will get more use. I’ve completed the couch-to-5K program before, then let it slide. I’m not good with public workouts or group exercise classes, either. It’s a self-consciousness thing. My local YMCA is fine when it’s not crowded, but the hours I’m able to go seem to coincide with social hour for my old high school’s basketball team. (My old private, Catholic high school a town over that has its own state-of-the-art super-modern gym, by the way, wtf you kids get off my lawn and if you’re not using the abdominal machine move the fuck on and flirt somewhere else aaaaugh).

Cook at home more. I love to cook. I am terrible at getting out of my own way because there’s so much other shit that needs to get done.

My garden! My garden! This year I will grow food.

Social media a-go-go. I’ll be poking at the theme and layout here soon, so strap in! Twitter’s where I spend most of my time, but those links to tumblr and Goodreads over on the side need more love, too.

Some of my plans for 2014 depend on things that are still up in the air. I don’t like jinxing their, so I won’t name them here just yet. Big stuff to ponder (for anyone reading this going omgbaby! uh, NO. Writing stuff. Travel stuff.)

2014 projects remain the same as they were two weeks ago. Adrift comes next, though I miiiight take a break to poke at those short stories I’ve been listing for several years while I’m outlining and researching.

Aside from that, 2014, here I come. Let’s rock this.

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