They’re Still Letting Me Talk on the Internets

Last week of the blog tour, cats ‘n’ kittens! If you haven’t had your fill of me, here are the upcoming Q&As, interviews, and giveaways for this week:

3/10 – SciFi ChickQ&A/giveaway
3/11 – Bea’s Book NookQ&A
3/12 – Bookworm BluesReview/giveaway
3/13 – BibliosanctumReview
3/14 – Parajunkee – Review/giveaway

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. I’m still not super-used to being the center of attention, but last week was sales conference, which meant seeing many of my colleagues for the first time since pub day. So many people wished me well and congratulated me, and I received good advice about being, y’know, more assertive and less shy about asking for things from people who are happy to help me out. I signed more than a few copies. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the people I work with.

I also learned that Night Owls was #26 on Barnes & Nobles science fiction/fantasy bestseller list the week it released. Not too shabby for a debut author.

Onward into edits for book two!

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  1. kai shannon says:

    just got threw reading night owls it was great so when is number 2 coming out

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