Fireside Year 3

The Fireside Magazine Year 3 kickstarter is in the home stretch. Less than a day to go to fund another year of fiction from a lineup of amazing authors.

My first short fiction sale at a professional pay rate was to Fireside.* They pay 12.5 cents per word, which is just over twice the pro rate established by Science Fiction Writers of America. That’s a pretty big thing for a short fiction market these days. Figure a 1000-word piece of flash fiction earns the writer $125. In this endless fimbulwinter we’re having, that’s a significant chunk of my heating bill for the month.

This is actually a significant point, so I’m going to stick on it a bit longer. A lot of markets pay lower-than-pro rates, and suggest that exposure is payment itself. The first thing I look at when I come across a new venue is their submissions page. Far too often I see variations on “We can’t afford to pay our authors right now, but hope to be able to in the future!” And, just, no. (Writers respecting their own craft is a whole other post, so I’ll resist the digression.) The point is, Fireside could offer semi-pro rates and call it good. They could offer the minimum pro rate and call it good. But instead they’re paying their writers above and beyond. That’s pretty damned awesome.

Also important: the Fireside lineup isn’t only straight white dudes telling stories about (and for) straight white dudes. The list of contributors is diverse, as are the stories and art. It doesn’t take a lot of googling to see that that’s something writers and readers alike are clamoring for.

You get a lot of story for a little money. Each issue is $2 through the Kickstarter. $2 for an installment of Lilith Saintcrow’s serial fiction, set in the world of her issue 9 story “Maternal Type,” plus another short story, two pieces of flash fiction, and Galen Dara’s art. That’s less than the cost of a medium coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts, and is certainly less than the same at Starbucks.

I also recognize that, in this economy, and with heating bills extending into ridiculosity due to polar vortices, even $2 might be hard to come by. If that’s the case, and you can’t contribute, maybe consider boosting the signal on the social media platform of your choice?

As of this writing, the project has a little over $5500 left to raise in the next 16 hours. It’s doable, but kind of a nail biter. Let’s get ’em funded, shall we?

*The story, “Ex Astris, is here, in Issue 9, if you have a couple of dollars burning a hole in your pocket. It has been pointed out to me that Issue 9 is free until tomorrow so readers can get a taste of “Maternal Type,” next years serial fiction setting! So if you were fixing to buy the issue, you can take those couple bucks and send ’em to the kickstarter instead! Win!

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