NaNo 2014 – Day 3

Hello, NaNo-ers.

I did something very silly. Scrivener, I’ve discovered, has a shiny progress tracker. You can fill in your total target wordcount, and a smaller one that you’d like to hit during your writing sessions. As you make more words, not only does the bar expand from left to right, it turns from red to orange to yellow to bright green. Pretty nifty!

I set my session bar for the daily NaNo target, and told myself, y’know, I’m already a full day behind (guess who got zero writing done on the 1st), so let’s aim for double the goal on the 2nd and be alllll caught up.

I hit the first goal around 7:00 last night. Kept going past it. Crept up on the second one, and thought, this seems way too easy.

Then I looked at my counter.

I’d set the goal for 1167, not 1667. So while I was nearing 2300 words, that still left me… 1000 words shy of being totally caught up.


I kept going a little longer, got myself up to the 2458 you see over on the side. For a while, I debated pushing through. That’s only 900 or so words behind, right? I’ve done 4,000 word days before. Hell, I think at the end of writing Gid I had a 6,000 word day.

Then reason kicked in. In general, 2K is a good, solid writing day for me. Trying to slog toward a goal when my brain is beginning to rebel is a terrible idea. Chances are, I’ll be writing stuff I’m only going to delete when it comes to edits. Why waste my own time like that?

So I saved and closed, and wandered off to read.

Point here is, if you’re in the same boat, it’s okay. It’s super easy to think “oh god, it’s only day 3 and I’m behind.” But y’know what? To hell with that. Are you writing, every day? Are you making a serious effort at butt-in-chair time? Then keep going. Maybe you’ll catch up. Maybe you won’t.

But you’re writing, and that’s what matters.

Onward, brave NaNo-ers!

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