Hi, I’m falconesse, and I’ll be your hostess today.  I’m a thirtysomething wanna-be bookstore owner, currently working in the publishing industry.  When I’m not selling books, I’m writing them.

I am represented for writerly things by Miriam Kriss of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency.

It still feels weird to type that.

Weirder still, my first novel Night Owls was published by Ace in February 2014. You can see it over there on the sidebar. LOOK AT THAT COVER.

Also, I like hats.


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  1. Hello Lauren,
    I really enjoyed Night Owls and I am sharing a review on my blog Caffeinated Book Reviewer on April 8th. I am very curious about the Jackals/Creeps and have noticed conflicting ideas about what they are in reviews I have read. I wondered if you might be willing to write a small guest post sharing some history/information about them with my viewers.
    Thanks so much for considering my request.

  2. Donna M. Dominick says:

    Well, Hello, Lauren,

    When my copy of NIGHT OWLS arrived at the store, I was so excited. For me and for you. Right there on the front cover, I read “the first in a new series”!! You didn’t simply get published, girl, you got a SERIES published! Congratulations on both counts.

    My job at the bookstore brings me so many connections and I’m grateful for this one. NIGHT OWLS is the first vampire novel that I’ve read. Those others? They never tempted me. And to tell the truth, although the cover is indeed compelling, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up beyond reading the synopsis had I just seen it on a table or shelf.

    I’m SO glad that I “met” you through work because otherwise I would have missed reading a good book!

    And you rock that hat, Lauren! You do.


  3. Donna M. Dominick says:

    p.s. I can’t wait for the next one!!!

  4. Lorie Ham says:

    Hey there I publish an online magazine and we will be reviewing your book soon and I was hoping to connect with you and possibly do an interview. Please let me know if you are interested.

    Lorie Ham

  5. Bonnie Scherr says:

    Lauren!!! FINALLY got the book! LOVED it!! Email me when you get a chance would you?? Lost your number!


  6. Hey Lauren:
    Just finished Night Owls and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to what you are going to do with these great characters and this interesting world you’ve created. Like say, Justin and what Jackal/Creep powers he might retain. Curious about Val and whether she has a lurv interest or does she just play Resident Advisor to all these interesting characters some of which who work in her store. Enjoyed your twist on the embrace. I like your tone, your sensibilities and although I question the use of any character as cannon fodder, I know, I know, I’m a softie-there’s got to be a good Jackal out there somewhere, right? So, keep them coming. Oh, and let me know if you ever want to do a co-write. I think we could tell some great stories together. Hugz!

  7. Tabitha says:

    I loved your first novel Night Owls and I recommend it to all my urban fantasy reading friends. Love the character dynamics and your fresh new take on supernatural creatures!

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