And I’m not even factoring in the popcorn

I’m not much of a moviegoer.

This is likely because I’m a snob. Shit blowing up for two hours bores me. I’d rather get my teeth drilled than sit through any kind of Dumb and Dumber imitation. Most horror films coming out are formulaic, and have been for a long time. Love stories have to be damned good to catch my interest.

This doesn’t mean I only watch indie films or intellectually challenging movies – I have Stargate in my DVD collection. It’s fluff, but it’s good fluff.

Okay, better-than-average fluff.

Oh, and James Spader’s in it.

I’m not as big a movie snob as I am a book snob, but it still surprised me how many movies coming out this fall I’m interested in seeing. The previews at Stardust added several to my list, many of them adaptations of books I loved, which scares me a little, since it’s so hard to take everything on the page and translate it to film. Or, at least, to translate it well.

I’ve had to cross The Dark is Rising off my list. I sat up and went squee when we saw the previews. (“Will Stanton? Where do I know that name from? Seeker, Seeker…hmmm… OH MY GOD OH YES PLEASE.”) But an interview with Susan Cooper has made me decide to wait for video – they upped Will’s age and made him American. Other reviews have convinced me to spend my ten dollars elsewhere. I’ll probably rent it, just to see, but the need to see it in theatres is gone. Even though Christopher Eccleston’s in it.

The Golden Compass, on the other hand, looks gorgeous. Armored bears! Dust! Lyra’s Oxford! The Witches!

OfficerGleason’s going to shake his head in disappointment, but… Elizabeth: The Golden Age is on the list. I think I have a date for it, though, since I doubt the guys will see it with us.

This’ll earn me his forgiveness, though. Mmm, Beowulf, mmmm.

I haven’t heard much about The Mist. It was the first Stephen King story I ever read. Now it’s a movie. The movies based on his books have been hit and miss. The Shawshank Redemption was amazing. Dreamcatcher was not.

I Am Legend. Again, shiny. But can they pull it off?

Then there’s Sweeney Todd.

And last night, I saw a trailer for Martian Child – John and Joan Cusack. And Toby! It’s based on a book by David Gerrold. Now, do I go get it and read it first, or hold off, since my pile of books is ever-growing? Reading the intro chapter on the site really makes me want to go get it. I need to find a way to read for a living

…jaysis. I’m up to $70 worth of movies already, and I know there are more I’m forgetting.

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5 Responses to And I’m not even factoring in the popcorn

  1. Mart says:

    …why do you hate irish people?

  2. falconesse says:

    I don’t hate Irish people; Hollywood does, for not making Irish movies.

    You show me a good Irish film coming out and I’ll go see it twice. How’s that?

  3. Greg says:

    What about 30 Days of Night?

  4. falconesse says:

    …damn it. You’re taking me to see that one.

    Ha! Problem solved!

  5. Shannon says:

    I was SO disappointed in Dreamcatcher. They butchered it. Those bastardos.

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