If Nothing Else, I’m Resourceful

Back in the day, when I was a college-going lass, there was a tiny Dunkin’ Donuts on campus. It could fit maybe three customers at a time, and you’d see lines out the door between classes. It was also open late, so when I got tired of studying (or, more commonly, when I had to write a paper that was due at 8AM, which I’d known about and put off for two weeks, and needed caffeine to see me through ’til sunrise), I’d call downstairs to Greg’s room and drag him out on my quest for coffee.

During the month of October, they made this thing called Witches’ Brew. It was heaven in a styrofoam cup – half hot chocolate and half cinnamon coffee, and oh my god, it was the best thing ever.

So, this afternoon, I was in need of…something. I didn’t know what. I’m still trying to be (relatively) good, especially since tomorrow night’s Halloween party will involve food that is bad for me and alcohol. Booze tends to take up a ton of Weight Watchers points. I don’t even want to think about how many calories are in my mom’s friend’s dill dip.

I figured I’d go across the street and see if the nice people at Dunkin’s would humor me.

I think they would have! However, their hot chocolate machine was broken. Sadness. I got a cinnamon coffee anyway, which is still pretty good. It wasn’t until I sat back down at my desk that it dawned on me – we have hot chocolate here. I ordered a medium, so there’s way too much in the cup right now for me to go make it right now. But when I’m down to half a cup, there’s a packet of Swiss Miss in the kitchen waiting for me.

Hey, it’s Friday. Anything to get me through these last couple of hours before the weekend’s here, right?

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