Countdown to NaNo

So, we won’t talk about my October word count.

NaNo starts tomorrow, and I’m giving it another shot. I know 50,000 words is out of the question, unless my boss decides she wants to give me the month off or something. My current goal is 25,000. It’s less than 1,000 words a day, so I’m fairly certain I can write more than that, but I’d rather surpass my goal than struggle towards it and get discouraged.

I have, oh, fourteen hours to pick a project. In no particular order:

  • Night Owls – a little outside of my usual style, because the tone is lighter. A vampire, a stolen book, and a guy who may or may not be a werewolf. Kind of fun, and I have an idea where I’m going with it. I’m only a few pages in at the moment.
  • Grailchild – I started this a long, long time ago, and stalled out because the story just didn’t want to be wrestled into shape. If I go with this one, I’m starting pretty much from scratch, trying it from a different point of view. There’s this little girl; she’s sweet and smart and just about six years old. Her soul, however, is ancient.
  • Untitled – this is the hardest one to describe. It was my 2004 NaNo project, and the one that I got more done on than any other – 26,000 words, before I lost steam. It was initially supposed to be a sort of steampunk thing, inspired by a panel on “Death as a Character” at 2004’s WorldCon. Neil Gaiman was talking about near-death experiences, and the idea sort of came to me. By the time I started writing, it had morphed from steampunk to regular fantasy. There’s a boy, and his name is Karris. He’s good at healing people, and he’s part of the revered caste of magic-workers. He knows a secret that could start a revolution. Another one that I will likely have to rework, but not necessarily start from scratch – the beginning I have is slow (Why? Because I started it during NaNo, and every word added to my final word count. Ha!)

If you want to keep me honest, here’s my profile. They have a new site, and it sounds like the software is giving them hell (and the 90,000 users aren’t helping.) So, if it takes a while to load, be patient.

Tonight, I need to tweak my writing playlist (or make three new ones, because I can tell right off that the vampire one would have faster music than the other two…) Song suggestions happily accepted!

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