Gobble frickin’ gobble.

So. Hello, little blog. I’ve had…not a lot of time and not a lot of inspiration the last week or so.

I’m tired and I’m achy and I’m kind of whiny and bleh.

This four and a half day weekend is looking pretty good; downtime has been in short supply for me, even though I don’t have a ton to show for being busy.

It started snowing a couple of hours ago, and, added to Thanksgiving being two days away, I’m feeling the end of the year coming on fast. We stopped on the way home last night and picked up what we’ll need for Thanksgiving dinner. As of right now, though, actual plans are still up in the air. Greg’s parents were in an accident five weeks ago, and his mom’s right leg and right elbow were broken. She’s back in the hospital because one of the incisions from the surgery got infected.

We’d been planning to go over to their house and make Thanksgiving dinner there, and actually, I’ve been looking forward to it. I’m not necessarily huge on holidays, but I so rarely get to cook for a crowd, I don’t mind going through all the fuss and preparation when I do have the opportunity. But, we won’t know until later today if they’ll be releasing Ellen before Thursday. If she’s still in there, it’s hospital cafeteria Thanksgiving for us.

There is a ten-pound turkey sitting in our fridge because of this possibility – somehow, I don’t think you get to take leftovers home from Brigham & Women’s. I realize this means that if she comes home, I’m cooking two turkeys instead of one, but that’s okay.

I don’t think I could cut it as a professional chef, but every now and then I consider signing up for one of the cooking courses our town sponsors a couple times a year. If I had more time in the day (which really translates as “if I worked closer to home”) I’d cook a lot more. We try to plan meals that will give us a day or two of leftovers (and my house smells pretty damned good on a Sunday afternoon, I tell you what) but by Wednesday that box of macaroni and cheese looks to be about as much of a culinary challenge as I can muster.

Of course, I keep going over the list of stuff we bought in my head, and the list of things we’ve assigned to my parents and sister-in-law, and I just know at some point, someone’s going to look over the table and say, “Where’s the [fill in the blank]?” Go ahead and start your betting. Maybe I’ll find some kind of prize among the swag at my desk for the person who guesses it, or at least gets close.

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