New look

I’ve been poking about with several themes over the last few days. The old purple one was a theme I picked out on my laptop when I was away at a trade show. The color looked much lighter on my laptop screen. When I got home and saw just how very dark the purple really was, I knew it couldn’t stay.

But damn, am I picky. I spent idle moments here and there looking for something better, but nothing truly inspiring ever caught my eye.

This weekend, I decided it was time to stop wibbling and find a new theme. I’ve lost count of just how many I’ve tried on for size. Several of them looked really, really good in their preview state, but when I viewed them with my content, oh, ick.

Here’s my favorite of the lot so far, but be warned – it could easily change. I like the three-column style, the font, and the old-fashioned-ish look. I realize that my subtitle has wandered off for a vacation (“beware, geekery within,” that is), and I’m not quite sure how to put it back without messing a lot of other things up. There’s a CSS book mocking me from my bookshelves; I could probably figure it out, but it might not be too pretty.

I do intend to make ye olde blogge look more visually interesting. Whether or not this theme allows for that remains to be seen.

So, bear with me a little longer – I might still be messing with themes and layouts now and then. Comments and suggestions welcome. This may be my wee corner of the intarwebz, but you’re a guest here. I’d like your stay to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

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One Response to New look

  1. Will says:

    I love this look, especially all the swirl doodads around the date and comment lists and all that. Good stuff.

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