Cue the Palpatine Jokes

Look! The Vatican says it’s okay to believe in aliens!

I’m not quite sure how we’re meant to take that, though. I mean, hooray for God’s creative freedom, but then, doesn’t it follow that He condones alien abductions, too?

Or… are the ones joyriding around Earth and picking up people for experimentation Satan’s intergalactic minions?

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One Response to Cue the Palpatine Jokes

  1. torteya says:

    Being a dirty atheist who believes in nothink, Lebfaski! notwithstanding, It still warms my heart a little when I see the Catholic Church acting like a grown up. Specially when you compare it to other religions.

    On a more serious note, I believe this is the first step in Darth Pope’s open war with Xenu.

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