Playing in the dirt

I have a garden. On occasion, stuff grows in it. If you’d like to see what it looks like so far (or, as of a few days ago, anyway), the photostream is here.

I’m hoping one of you green-thumbed people out there might be able to help me out with identifying our mystery flower. It grows on the fence beside the pool, and despite spending its first couple of years choked by some fuzzy red vine thing (which we finally yanked out so the mystery flower could grow), it comes back every summer. It’s awfully pretty. My mother thinks it’s some kind of grapevine, but damned if I ever see any grapes. My mother-in-law wondered if it might be some kind of morning glory. I forget why she ended up dismissing that theory.

Take a gander, tell me what you think:

Mystery Flowers 3

Mystery Flowers - close up 1

I’d just like to know what to call them. If I ever change the theme for this blog, I’m considering turning one of these flowers into the banner. Too bad they don’t fit with the old-fashioned theme all that well right now.

Any guesses?

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3 Responses to Playing in the dirt

  1. Lori says:

    Clematis, I believe. I will Google to verify, but we had some in SC.

  2. Itanya Blade says:

    They certainly look like Clematis.

    I’ve never seen a variety with six petals, though. Considering they look climbing, it’s probably as good a guess as any.

  3. falconesse says:

    Clematis it is! That six-petaled one must be a mutant. Most of the others on the vine only have four.


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