Drowned Rat

So, like I said, I wandered down to Whole Foods in search of lunch and guacamole. My adventure started off something like…

1) Go outside.
2) Make note of ominous-looking clouds in the direction of the store.
3) Keep walking.
4) Feel a few misty drops at the corner of my building.
5) Keep walking.

By the time I got my food and wended my way through the register lines I realized that the skies had opened the hell up. It’s been raining the last few days, including a hell of a thunderstorm last night – so loud, our house shook with each clap. We had tornado warnings yesterday, too. So, why I thought it would be a great idea to race the storm, I don’t know.

The nice guy at the register gave me an extra bag to hold over my head, then I dodged raindrops all the way back to the office. There are far fewer businesses with awnings between there and here than I realized. At least my hair is dry.

No, really, wet hair can be worse for me than wet clothes. As it is, I got off lightly – the storm let up just a bit as I hurried back. My pants are fairly soaked at the cuffs and my shoulders are damp. My shoes are very, very wet, but I have spare sandals here. I have a sweater, so that should, in theory, keep me from getting chilly in this arctic air conditioning. If I come down with a cold because our building management keeps us frozen, I’ll be annoyed.

My timing could have been worse, though. The rain let up just a bit as I walked back, and when I came inside, a whole department was pressed up against the windows, exclaiming over how hard it was coming down. Seems like I barely beat the next wave of torrential gorramn downpour.

Still. I’m damp and kinda pouty.

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