Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week starts tomorrow. I’ll be putting up posts throughout the week, but I haven’t quite decided what I’ll be doing, so in antici… (say it, say it)… pation, go on over to the link and click around.

Maintaining two blogs seems kind of unfeasible at the moment, while I work on writing and other things that take up my spare time (neglected guitar practicing, writing, housekeeping/fixing up, more writing…) so I’m officially putting the book blog on hiatus and will squeeze in the occasional bookish things here. Consolidation ftw.

No, I’m not abandoning the idea of opening a bookstore – there’s still more than three years to go on that goal – but while I watch what others in the industry do, and see how the changes shake out, there won’t be a lot of progress to see over there. I’ll start it back up again at a later date, but for now, my book rants will move over here. See? You can even clean up your bookmarks a bit. I’m helpful!

It seems right to kick off the blogsolidation with Banned Books Week. Lists of bannination and other interesting things still to come. In the meantime, why don’t you kids tell me which of your favorite books have been banned or challenged? Have you ever read anything simply because someone else tried to tell you (or someone you knew) that they shouldn’t?

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One Response to Banned Books Week

  1. Marty says:

    I never read a book because it was banned, however in high school I did to a paper on school censorship. It was my big senior paper. I got a B+ because I didn’t cite appropriately…

    Anyway, google is getting in on the act. Considering that I’ve only read one of this years most challenged books, I feel the need to pay off my library fines and turn off my computers…

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