Your Hostess is a Slacker

I have a whole bunch of posts floating around in my brain, most of them book geekery. I should be reading for work (and truly, I have read a couple of titles off our spring list that I loved. There’s one that I’ll be demanding everyone I know – especially the gamers – read.)

But, I’m also reading a ton of things that aren’t for work. Soon, I’ll take a picture of the stack of books I intend to read or finish. I think I might work a bit of a contest into it, too, but first things first – let me get the picture taken and uploaded before I start dangling swag in front of you all.

I ended up passing on NaNo this year, though November still has twelve days remaining. I might attempt some made up challenge of my own, to get things flowing. More to come on that as well.

So, who wants pie?

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