Everyone Else is Doing It

I’m notoriously bad about resolutions, but, well, why the hell not?

Falconesse’s list of shit to get done in 2009

  • Eat better – I was very not good over the holidays, and the gdoc over on the sidebar had lapsed long before that.  In the interest of being a less slacktastic blogger, I’m going to try sharing recipes that don’t suck at least once a week.
  • Practice my guitar more.  I really would like to not suck at it.
  • Book reviews!  I intended to spend more of my break reading and failed miserably.  Time to get back into it.  The to-be-read pile could be a post on its own (and probably will be.)
  • Write more. This is the biggest one.  Several WoW-posts are a-brewing.  I’m a wee bit behind on at least one, and there’s another I’ve been considering for a while.  Time to get working.  I need to revisit and resubmit “Kate.”  And I still think one of my ficlets needs to be an actual short story.  For longer works, Hill and I need to get back to Nin, and I ought to choose one of the Ever-present Three that are kicking around in my head.

I think it’s time for a new blog look, too.  This template feels a wee bit dark, as much as I like it.  More poking about to come.

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    1. Itanya Blade says:

      Of all the resolutions I made for last year, the only one that really survived was the write more.

      Now I need to write more about things other than WoW.

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