We Might Be On to Something

Officergleason: man
if I only had to write 700 words a day
me: …you’d have an 80,000 word novel by May.
Officergleason: ooh
me: Ayep.

Notice the shiny new progress meter over there to the right.  I’m shooting for 90,000 words, as 80,000 is closer to young adult range and the project I’m starting with is probably not quite a 100,000 word thing just yet.

It was almost a NaNo project in 2007, but at some point (as I almost always do with NaNo), I fell behind and let it sit.

The story itself is a bit outside of my usual – a more casual voice, but one that I still, a year later, think has potential.  The count’s starting off at 2000 words; most of the intro I had down for the original is still pretty good.  It needs tweaking — I’m always sparse on description at first, and one glaring infodump needs to go — but I like what’s there so far.

90,000 words, 700 a day.  Puts me at a finished first draft in mid-June if I stick to it.

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2 Responses to We Might Be On to Something

  1. Marty says:

    Keep it up! I want to buy your book at Unabridged!

  2. Itanya Blade says:

    Yeah! Get on with it.

    /hides her still, as yet, unfinished novel. I did what I intended to do this year. I’ve been able to devote 1/2 hour a day to writing.

    Now, to focus that on the novel, isntead of WoW fiction.

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