I Love You, Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow, on why the sales force matters.

My favorite part of the article, where I nodded vigorously and whispered “yes.”

(good bookselling is fractal: the sales rep knows what the clerk will like, and the clerk knows what the reader will like)

When I see the posts on various boards about how someone plans to Overthrow! Big! Publishing! and Revolutionize the Industry!, the questions that often receive the most ill-thought-out answers are these:  How will bookstores outside of your hometown know about your books?  Why will they want to pick up your titles over the ones coming out from publishers they currently deal with?  Who will  advocate for your books, outside of yourself and  your immediate family/circle of friends?

Go give it a read.  Once again, Cory Doctorow has won the internet again.  (I wonder where he keeps them all.)

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