My New Heroes

Go read Lilith Saintcrow’s “Glitch, Monoculture, Profit (#amazonfail recap).”

It’s a great summary of the weekend, and raises some very relevant questions about the idea of ranking books in the first place.

And, the thing that made me cheer:

Two sites, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books (a site I often read) and Dear Author (who I have quoted several times during this whole thing) have made the decision to become IndieBound affiliates instead of Amazon affiliates. As Dear Author explains:

Words without action have no meaning. While it is true, to some extent, that Amazon can sell whatever it likes consumers have those same unfettered choices in their book buying decisions. Yes, Amazon makes it incredibly easy to buy books at its site but at some point, consumers can and will get fed up enough to take their dollars elsewhere. Dear Author is going to start working with IndieBound even though Amazon Affiliate dollars is the only income that DA earns. I know that SmartBitches will be doing the same although it represents a pretty significant financial loss to them. (link)

After much thought I have decided to do the same. There will still be Amazon links to my books on my site, since I am here to serve readers (and several readers may still make the choice to patronize Amazon) and I am not going to go back and find every. Single. Link. Though the affiliate program at Amazon was never a consistent source of financial help for me (what, a latte a month if I was lucky?) I was still driving traffic to them. I’m making the choice instead to drive that traffic to IndieBound.

This is a pretty big decision for any author, and Ms. Saintcrow, the Smart Bitches and Dear Author all get a huge round of applause from me.

And, as a matter of fact, if you’re looking for something to read, her Dante Valentine series is all kinds of fun.

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