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First of all, have you gone and voted for Ian Gibson’s Stuff of Legends yet?  No?  Shoo!  Gogogo!  Today’s the last day.

Next, there’s a rant forthcoming on a big bookseller DOIN IT WRONG, but I’m in a good mood today, so instead I will share awesomeness rather than working myself up to the point where I’m foaming at the mouth.

I’ve had a Jonathan Coulton song in my head all morning, and because it makes me grin and sniffle at the same time, I thought I’d share.  Fellsie linked “I’m Your Moon” to me originally, and I heard it without accompanying video.  The conversation, as I listened to the first verse and the chorus, went something like this:

me: …is this about Pluto? Fells: It is. And how awesome is it. me: SO AWESOME Fells: I knoooow me: omg geek music ftw
It is the sweetest song about the de-planeting of Pluto you’ll ever hear (I don’t care if it might be the only song about the de-planeting of Pluto.  Shut up.)

There is also a very cool fan video of it up on the site, which I now embed for your viewing pleasure.

This thread is officially about geeky songs.  Share away!

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