Pardon Me While I Wallow

The story I submitted has been rejected.  Nicely, and with a short personal reply and a “we look forward to seeing more from you,” so, y’know, encouraging.

Next move, of course, is to suck it up and resubmit elsewhere.  The first place was a kind of reach-for-the-stars one.  The place I’m considering sending it to next is, as well.  From there, we’ll see.

And I’m well aware that after two rounds of submissions, I just let “Kate” sit, and have never revised it.  I need to do that and get it back out there.  I need to finish Lil — poor girl’s been in a state of chased-by-a-demon for a year now.  Hill’s got our YA story, and we’re nearly done with that.  I might — might — have finally figured out how I want to tell Regina Fowler’s story, too.

I just need to kick myself in the ass and get back to it.

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