T-Minus Nine Days

Oh, sweet zombie baby Jesus, what have I done?

Martin: I’m going to try and do nano this year.
Martin: if I can work it, I’ll do blog posts so i can kill two nanos with one setting
me: All right. If you’re doing it, I’ll participate for moral support, if you want.
Martin: YEAH!

I’ve mused a bit about Nano before.  I skipped it altogether last year, and the three projects I mentioned way back in 2007 still remain largely untouched.  I’m going to come up against business travel, as I have every November for the last seven years, and unless Hill and I finish our YA book in the next week and a half (which is actually possible, come to think of it), Nin’s going to take priority over Nano when I have it in my inbox.


It gets me writing.  One thing I’ve learned in the last year of working on Nin with Hill is that I’m more productive when I’m writing with someone.  I’ve noticed it, too, with the WoW writings — if someone’s waiting on me to respond, I’m far better about putting nose to grindstone and getting it done.  Self-imposed deadlines are easy to break, and the only person I’m letting down in that case is myself.

While the Nano forums help participants find “writing buddies” — people in your genre, people in your local area, people with similar interests — I’ve never really made any connections through there.  It’s great to be part of the community, absolutely, but it’s so much more effective when the person cheering you on is someone you know, someone whose feedback and opinions you value, and someone who’s making the same effort.

So, all right.  Nano it is.

Now I just need to go back to square one and choose a project, so I know what kind of world/character building I have to revisit.

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4 Responses to T-Minus Nine Days

  1. Steve says:

    The question I’ve asked everyone who’s said they’re participating is the same one I’ll ask here: Are you going to make this a public endeavor? Or are you making it secret-squirrel?

  2. falconesse says:


    I’ll most likely post progress reports, word counts, things about the characters or scenes, maybe snippets here and there if there’s a line I really like.

    However, actually publishing as I go, nope, not if it’s something I might want to get published eventually. Posting a work-in-progress is, technically, publication.

    You know how sometimes magazines will publish the first chapter of a book just before it arrives in bookstores? That magazine bought first serial rights — the author got paid for that excerpt. So even if I just toss up the first couple of chapters, I’ve now deprived myself (or, y’know a future agent) of the ability to sell that first chapter to a magazine/website/wherever for first serial rights.

    If I publish the whole thing, even if I polish it and change things up later, it can hurt my chances of getting it published when it’s actually ready, since that story already exists in some form or another on the internet.

    I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a kind of internet serial, along the lines of what Scott Lynch is doing with Queen of the Iron Sands, but I’d probably want to set up another section of this site for it, rather than collect it in blog posts, make it more professional-looking, I guess. Also, I’m not nearly confident enough in my abilities — Scott Lynch can do it because he’s a damned good writer and has the fanbase from his Gentleman Bastard series cheering him on. I’m just this dabbler, you know? I’d like to be able to make money off of what I write, but I don’t know that I’d feel okay throwing up a tip jar for it while it’s in Nano-wreck stage.

    I might write it in gdocs, and can grant a handful of people access that way, though that’s something I’d have to do more thinking on. I know there are a few people who can be reading as I type and it doesn’t bother me, but they’re also the people who are most familiar with my style, who will end up reading things in rough draft form anyway.

    Which is my usual rambly way of getting to the point: definitely progress-type stuff on here, but probably not the actual full story.

  3. marty says:

    This is something I didn’t even think about. I was just going to type in gDocs and then cut and paste into my blog. I don’t honestly think I would ever get published (until there is a peer review journal of IT and Social Work), butt there is a small chance.

    Granted, I put this chance on the same level of probability of our molecules just winking out of existence, but that’s just me.

    One day, you’re getting published, so I think your idea of Progress/Snippets is the best course of action.

  4. Hill says:

    Fuck you guys.

    I’m in.

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