NaNo Day 10: Embracing Imperfection

Word count for 11/9: 1476
Total word count: 11,187

So, somewhere in there, I broke the 10K mark last night.  Nice!  I’m still behind, and still okay with that.

Pushed through the “Oops, I forgot someone” bit.  Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. I know right now a lot of it feels horribly cliche, but that’ll shake out in future drafts.

A couple of things to share, via the great internet phenomenon that is Twitter:

Last week, Anna linked to this hilarious and spot-on video from Nerdfighter and author John Green, in which he lays out a few very good points about NaNoWriMo.  Go watch and giggle.

Then today, via @GalleyCat, there’s this article from the WSJ, in which writers talk about not only how they write their books, but also — and here’s the part that’s got me linking this — about how sometimes their drafts never get finished, or get completely reworked, or end up as a completely different story than the one they originally wanted to tell.

If you’re stressing about getting your NaNo (or any!) project right on the first try… don’t. You’re not alone in needing to tweak things to make the story work.  Bestselling, award-winning authors go through it too.  Nothing is perfect on its first try.  Watch me push the bold button:

Nothing is perfect on its first try.

The point of this month is trying in the first place.

Pens to paper, cats ‘n’ kittens, fingers on keys.

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