Talking Myself Into the Shiny

I’ve spent enough time hemming and hawing over whether to get a netbook.  Tomorrow, I place the order.  My hesitation came from a few things: wanting a bit of a buffer in my bank account, first and foremost, but also the worry that I just wanted one for the shiny factor.  I mean, I have a desktop and a laptop at home.  Do I really need a third computer?

I’ve come up with a big ol’ yes to that.  While I can take the monster that is the Alienware with me on trips, it’s also, well, a monster.  It’s big and heavy, which makes it Not Fun to lug around an airport.  Also, since most of my travel is business travel, chances are I don’t really have time to do much more than poke around the internet when I boot it up.  If my choices between meetings come down to “nap or play WoW,” I’m going to nap.  So, while a machine with an internet connection and a word processing program is pretty vital to me during those days, my sweet gaming rig isn’t.

As for more local usage, I can absolutely see myself using a netbook during my commute to and from work.  On the train yesterday, the beginning of a story started clicking into place.  I’d managed, in cleaning out my bag o’tricks, to take my college-ruled notebook out, but never put it back in, so the writing down of thoughts had to wait another half hour until I could get to my desk and some scrap paper.  What’s there on the page isn’t exactly what was in my head originally.  Still decent, but I feel like I’ve forgotten some turn of phrase I’d really liked.

It’ll also be good to have if the weather here ever gets nicer.  Not just for getting outside and writing during lunches, but taking advantage of our backyard in the summer, as well.

Now, there’s still a little voice hollering at me that I can do all this with pen and paper, and that’s very true.  But I type faster than I write, and have already discovered during NaNo that pen-and-paper writing on the train is an exercise in frustration — awkward position, holy ow my wrists, and handwriting made illegible by the movement of the train.

So, there it is.  It’s going to take a couple of weeks before it’s in my grimy little paws, but I’m pretty excited about it.

A note on the story that I mentioned above.  See poor, neglected Night Owls over there on the sidebar?  I think this new tale might be set in the same universe.  The good thing is, the tone of the new thing is much closer to the tone I wanted with Night Owls from the start.  I’m hoping the time I’ll be spending with the short story will help me figure out what I need to do to bring that voice to the novel.


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3 Responses to Talking Myself Into the Shiny

  1. Tami says:

    I went through the same decision process when I got my laptop. Particularly the “do I just want the shiny” thing.

    I am so VERY glad I got it (and as a Mac, I’m thrilled to have access to Scrivener and Quicksilver on it).

    Congratulations on your pending purchase! May you never lose another clever turn of phrase.

  2. falconesse says:


    I was also afraid to buy one until I could actually, y’know, touch one, too. I knew which one I wanted, but a picture on my monitor doesn’t tell me whether or not I’ll like using it.

    There’s a tactile factor to writing for me, too, whether it’s picking a pen I like holding or a kind of paper that the ink flows smoothly across, or a keyboard I’ll like typing on. So I didn’t want to pick something out and find out I don’t even want to spend a few minutes typing on it, let alone hours.

    Good news is, we went out and took a look at some netbooks Tuesday night, and my original choice works out.

  3. Von says:

    you deserve shiny.

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