Paving the Road to Hell

Over at the diva-blog, I made some suggestions about resolutions.

I freely admit that I’m not so great at keeping them, or at least not on a time-table, but I do like taking stock at the start of the year and looking ahead.   I’m a fan of Elizabeth Bear’s method of posting what she sometimes calls her honey-do list on her livejournal, and I thought I’d give that a bit of a try here.

Thus, Things To Get Written in 2011:

actively tapping away at:

  • The Nin Sequel (with Hill) —  at the 51,000 words mark, about halfway done. YA
  • Night Owls — about 16,000 words so far, outlined through probably the halfway point. Urban fantasy
  • “Gid” — just a seedling of an idea right now, but one I’m digging as I mull it over.  Steampunk-ish
  • “Letters to Janey” — short story I started during NaNo, took a bit of a twist on me, needs reworking. Fantasy

on the horizon:

  • Oracle — if you read/listened to “Apex,” this is more of the prophetess’ story.  Torn between keeping it steampunk vs going to a more traditional fantasy.  Needs more thinking.
  • This story about some gods strolling into a small town in… Texas?  Nevada?  Not sure yet.  Also not sure if it’s a short story or a novel or what.  It wibbles between the two in my head.
  • Grailchild — /shakes fist

finished stuff I should do something about:

  • “Running” — need to pick it back up and do another round of submissions for it.  I still want a better gorram title.
  • “Kate” got dragged kicking and screaming into daylight recently, too.  I might have actually fixed what was broken in the middle of the story, and I fiddled with the ending.  Now, of course, I need to find a home for it.
  • Wondering if I can get “Supernova” up to 500 words so I can submit it to a pro-paying market.  Worried that adding too much more will break it.

So, there ’tis.  My current list of writerly things, laid out.  My biggest aim, with all of them, is more butt-in-chair time.  Well, let’s be honest — my butt’s usually in a chair, but more time spent writing while it’s there.

I’ve been trying the beta of Scrivener for Windows for Night Owls, and I’m really liking it.  I haven’t played with all the bells and whistles, but when they release the official version, I’ll be buying it.  It might not work for everything I write — Nin is a straight-up doc, and the shorter pieces are written in either Word, Open Office, or gdocs.  But something about having Night Owls split into chapters and scenes is pretty keen to me.

I should probably plan some sort of schedule for updating this list — once a month, whenever something gets crossed off — but that that way lies disaster.  I’ll settle for this:  I’ll hark back to it now and then, but in between harkenings (harkings?  No, that sounds like what happens when my cats have hairballs), feel free to ask me about any of them.

What’s your year looking like?

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