Progress Report, February 2012

If you could see my drafts folder here, I’d look awfully goddamned chatty. There’s a big o’l list of stuff I intend to yatter on about to you nebulous ether-people, but so many of the posts cut off mid-sentence, saved for later. For when I have time to properly think them out, or get my rant on.

I’ll get to them, I promise.

But, in the spirit of doing at least something I’ve said I’d be better at this year, an update on the List of Stuff I’m Writing:

To write:

Gid— first draft by March 2012 — This actually looks very much on-track. Last few chapters outlined, could even be done (gasp) early. Currently sitting at 25,600ish words.
Gavrick’s Brood — Aiming to start by May. Still a-clamoring. Going to need some worldbuilding, methinks
“The Fire Children” — is hinting it might like to be a longer work when it grows up. I’m stuffing my fingers in my ears. Not that that worked with Gid.

On the horizon/no set dates:
“The Desert in Fimbulwinter”
“The Reunion Tour of Billy James and the Flamethrowers, or How Billy Got the Band Back Together”

I’ve been carving out more reading time these last few weeks, too, which has been pretty nice. I’d like to get out of my own way and do more reviewing here (which reminds me that one of the not-yet-finished posts is a bit of musing on what a review should do, and how the reviewer/venue affects my thinking on that). The question becomes how far back in my have-read pile to go. I’ve read some pretty excellent stuff.

The caffeine and the day are winding down, and my wit has long fled. In the interest of not adding another unfinished post to the drafts pile, I’ll leave you with a link to Locus’ recommended reading list for 2011. What’s on there that you’ve read? What should I seek out?

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