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New blog feature, cats ‘n’ kittens!

/throws confetti

It’s a big ol’ internet out there, and on any given day I’ll have a ton of tabs open with interesting articles and blog posts that have caught my attention. Sometimes they get a tweet/retweet, but those come and go so damned fast they’re easy to miss.

Thus, throughout the week I’ll be dumping links that seem pretty keen into a post and (in theory) putting ’em up sometime on Friday. You know, for when you’re trying to look busy during that last stretch of the day before the weekend arrives.

What’ll I put up here? A whole smattering of things! Mostly, you’ll see writing- and book industry-related links, but you can count on a bit of science (SCIENCE!) and lots of geekery — gaming, comics, Doctor Who. I’m generally not comfortable blogging about politics, though I’m sure there’ll be some linkery here and there. That said, I am pretty okay with linking to feminist blogs and spaces, especially where those issues overlap with my interests, so y’know. Be ready.

Part of the reason for collecting them here rather than spamming twitter is, it’s much easier to have a conversation when you’re not restricted to 140 characters. So if something catches your fancy or makes you think, feel free to discuss the links in the comments!

Writerly/Bookish Things

Somewhere in my unpublished posts is a draft named “I just want you lot to get paid.” Someday I’ll finish it. For now, check out The Millions on literary magazines and payment.

On gender parity at con panels — I found my notes from Worldcon 2004 the other night. I had marked down the names of the panelists, and now that I think on it, they were overwhelmingly male.

LeVar Burton’s keynote speech at the Tools of Change for Publishing Convention. (How are you still here? LeVar Burton! Go! Clicky!)

Vodka Delivers Shot of Creativity. Does this mean we creative sorts can start writing off booze as a business expense?

Two very cool Kickstarter projects launched this week:

  • Chuck Wendig’s Bait Dog is fully funded, but for every $3000 he raises beyond the goal, he will write another. I want to read more Atlanta Burns stories, so if you have some extra scratch kicking around, consider chipping in!
  • Matt Forbeck’s second 12 for ’12 project is underway as well. He is aiming (if we back him, and we should), to write a novel every month this year. It’s like NaNoWriMo turned up to eleven. I would like to read the whole Shotguns & Sorcery trilogy, so let’s get him up there!
  • Yes, I am selfish. I want ALL THE STORIES.

Finally, Fighting for Gwen — go read this. Give if you can. (via the awesome Will Hindmarch, who is also contributing a story to the project.)


God damn it, I want us to go to Mars.


I never bought the line that “They tease you because they like you.” Because y’know what? They didn’t like me. Brava to this lady.


Go get a box of kleenex. You’re going to be sniffling. The Wedding Dance

Sonja Sohn was awesome in The Wire. She is apparently also awesome in the real world.

From Cracked, 5 Idiotic Misconceptions About Calling Customer Service. I’ve been lucky enough to work for a company I love. My higher-ups who are amazingly smart and have my back. But for the most part, this article is spot-on. Don’t be a dick when you call customer service. That’s another human on the other end of the phone, and whatever you’re pissed about, they didn’t do it.

All right, humans! What shiny things have I missed out there on the interwebs this week?

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