Home Stretch

aka fuck it, I’m finishing this book this weekend.

My self-imposed “by March 1st” deadline went whoosh, but a lot of that can be blamed on me untangling some knots with the ending.

For anyone who saw me sneakily revise my target down to 35,000 words, you’ll notice over on the sidebar I’ve bumped it back up to 40,000. My original instinct was probably right. There’s always that scene or chapter that sneaks its way in and needs to be told, feels like.

Apologies to Elizabeth Bear, whose novel-finishing countdowns I always watch with fascination.

Thus, here we go:

Starting word count: 32,926
Listening to: Pandora station based off of “KK and the Steampunk Orchestra” (The only thing returned when you type in “steampunk.” Pretty neat stuff so far!)
Drinking: Bailey’s on the rocks. Out of a Sam Adams tasting glass. CLASSY!
Chocolate and other sustenance: Godiva 72% cacao dark chocolate
Words taught to Scrivener: travellers, grey. Leave my British spellings alone, damn it.
Feline desk evictions: 3, all Pixel. He’ll be back.

And away we go!

Update, woo.

Ending word count: 34542, approx 1616 written
Reason for stopping: End of chapter, brain is mush
Feline desk evictions: 5, with cat currently on desk gunning for a sixth.

I feel like I’m always going to be two chapters from the end of this book, but I don’t want to rush anything, either. However, looking at the notes of Stuff That Needs to Happen, I’m pretty sure that this time (I mean it, I do) there are two more chapters and an epilogue to go. Very doable over the next couple of days.

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  1. Shad says:

    WOO! You can do it! WOOOOO!

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