Day Two, WRITE!

Starting word count: 35,542
Listening to: “KK and the Steampunk Orchestra” station on Pandora.
Tasty beverage: The rest of this morning’s Dunkin Donuts coffee. Gone cold, still drinkable
Chocolate and other sustenance: none yet, but I know where the Mini-Eggs are
Feline desk evictions: 0, but he’s hovering. No, wait. 1.


Aaaaand update:

Ending word count: 35,912
Reason for stopping: End of chapter, plus time for Saturday shenanigans.
Feline desk eviction count: 4

I had thought to continue the writifying when I got home, but there are a few details still sticking, and I know I’ll end up staring angrily at the screen if I try plowing through. Giving myself the next few hours for inspiration to strike, and to see if I can’t prod them into shape during the first draft rather than leaving them marked as “Ohgod FIX THIS” for the second.

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