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Internet Shenanigans:

If you’re a Song of Ice and Fire fan, you might want to check out #SXSWesteros, brought to us by Jay Bushman, who ran the super-fun #cthalloween and #talkingdead events on Twitter. Join in! Talk about the panels you’re attending, and what’s going on in the crowd.

Writerly Things:

Five hundred new fairy tales discovered in Germany. Hel-looooo storry fodder.

The World’s First Steampunk Bedtime Story (I’m not sure this is entirely true. Can anyone think of stories they’d consider steampunk for young’uns?

Seth Godin isn’t convinced writers deserve to get paid. I don’t even

Chuck Wendig on 25 Things You Should Know About Word Choice. The right words matter. SO MUCH.

Interesting article on the way genre themes are appearing in literary fiction. Beware, though, the author (Joe Fassler) keeps referring to “serious writers,” as though people who’ve made their living writing genre fiction aren’t. Not sure if this is intended, but boy does it put my hackles up.

More on Paypal asking Smashwords to enforce censorship. Also check out the ABFFE’s letter to Paypal asking them to reconsider this policy.

Kickstarters and other cool fundraisers:

Have some extra scratch? Here are some keen kickstarter campaigns to consider:

Matt Forbeck’s second 12 for ’12 project, Shotguns & Sorcery has a little over two days left to go.

You also have 9 more days to make Chuck Wendig write Bait Dog and more Atlanta Burns stories beyond that.

Help a new independent bookstore get even more awesome. Ad Astra Books and Coffee in Kansas can use your help.

Ron Hogan of is kickstarting an app full of author interviews. If both his project and Ad Astra get fully funded, there will be even more amazing stuff to come.

Children’s Illustrator R. Gregory Christie is raising money to give his children’s bookstore a makeover.

Check out this video, and let’s help the M.N. Spear Memorial Library build a new space!


Dust devils on Mars. So, so cool.

What’s got you clicking today, internets?

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