Explorers: Beyond the Horizon

Today’s the day!

A while back, Greg let me know that The Dead Robots’ Society was open for submissions to their anthology Explorers: Beyond the Horizon. I just so happened to have a story that fit the theme, and sent my tale of Lil the demon-runner along. It was accepted, huzzah!

I’m happy to announce that “Along the Portal Road” is now available in print and ebook form, alongside a passel of other excellent stories. You can see the contributor list at the DRS page, along with ordering details.

They’re offering something pretty cool, which is this: if you purchase a dead tree copy of the book, you can send a scan of your receipt and receive an ebook version of the anthology for free.

Here’s some linkification for you, if you’d like to purchase a copy:

Dead Tree (print) editions:
Via Create Space
Via Amazon

Ebook editions:
(These are all DRM free)
Smashwords — the Smashwords page has the ebook available in .mobi, Epub, PDF, RTF, LRF, Palm Doc, and Plain Text formats, as well as online reading.

A link to the iBookstore will be forthcoming. I’ll update when we have it.

If you pick up a copy, I’d love to hear what you think.

Go forth and explore!

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