August Update

Whoa. I thought I’d done one of these in May or June. Turns out, nope, February. Well, I’ve thought about an update, at least, so that has to count for something, right?

This summer and the next few months are, as we say here in Massachusetts, wicked busy. We had our nerd family reunion in Seattle in July; in just over three weeks I head out for Worldcon; I’ve got possible work travel coming in September, which is going to require lots of reading for prep (POOR ME), and Viable Paradise is just about two months away. Somewhere in there or shortly thereafter, Greg and I will squeeze in an anniversary trip, we hope. Add in sales conference at the end of October, then when I get back the holidays are bearing down fast.


I’ll now point at the sidebar, with the trio of projects hanging out. Or perhaps looming. I’ve finally admitted that The Fire Children isn’t a short story but a novel, hence the italics instead of the quotes. All word-count goals are arbitrary, but if you add ’em up, that’s 260,000 words I’m aiming for, total.

I’m not giving myself deadlines on these, though I want solid daily progress on at least one of them per day (no, I don’t actually plan to work on all three at once. Just saying, if I’m going to cheat on one, it ought to be to make progress on another that’s already in queue).

I’ve Scrivened all the things, or at least, have added in placeholders where chapters will go, and entered my notes on what will happen. In some cases, those notes amount to either “cool stuff goes here” or “They hatch a plan. It will be brilliant.”* This is because I’m a weird hybrid of plotter and pantser — looking three or four chapters ahead is doable, but go too much farther than that and things get nebulous. Shit has a habit of changing on me as I write. Not in the sense of my work having a life of its own that I don’t control, but more figuring out a plot twist as I get more into the little details.

So, we’ve got…

On the active projects list:
The Fire Children. As I predicted back when it was winter, this one pulled a Gid on me and became a novel all its own.

Porting The Fire Children from short story to novel format in Scrivener
What is done cannot be undone. Well it can, but it won’t be.

Gavrick’s Brood, which will very likely be renamed since Gav isn’t exactly the main character.
Adrift, which was Creeping Jenny, which was The Annabel Lee.

Still on the horizon:
“The Desert in Fimbulwinter”
“The Reunion Tour of Billy James and the Flamethrowers, or How Billy Got the Band Back Together”

I’ve gone ahead and created a google calendar to parcel out writing time vs. other-stuff time during the week. Sundays are pretty much a solid block of green, 100% dedicated to writing. Sure, I’ll do laundry and bake bread and other housey-things, but I am mostly butt-in-chair, fingers-to-keyboard, nose-to-grindstone writing.

I am okay with this.

My to-read stack is ever-growing. A trip to Elliott Bay Book Company while we were in Seattle didn’t help that. Buy an armload of books from an independent bookstore? SURE! We intentionally left room in the suitcase for just that eventuality. (It’s like Greg has traveled with me a couple of times in the past fifteen years or something.) I picked up some of the titles on my Viable Paradise reading list, plus of course the miscellaneous books recommended to me by the other nerds present.

We’ll see how much of a dent I can put in the pile over the next few weeks. If nothing else, I’ve got two days’ worth of train rides to and from Worldcon.

Also, eeeeeeeee Worldcon! Last one I attended was in 2004, here in Boston. I still have notes I took at some of the panels. I’m eagerly watching the Chicon website for this year’s program, and counting down the days.

In the meantime, it’s back to writing with me. The night is young. Ish.


*actual note in an outline I sent to Miriam. She’ll probably /facepalm SO HARD when she sees it.

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