State of the Things, February 2013

Hello, February. Hello, cold weather. Hello, new trip around the sun.

A couple of quick updates on writerly things:

  • I’m moving Gavrick’s off the sidebar. Tabling it for now while I focus on The Fire Children, which has gone from a middle grade novel to young adult. Adrift stays, because it’s what comes next.
  • The Fire Children is chugging along. I’ve hit the 20,000 mark, which is about right for where I am, plotwise. Of course, this propels me into the tricksy, fiddly, middle section of the book — early middle, at least, so I get a few thousand words to deal with the twist I just threw at my main character. But at some point comes the middle middle, which is about pacing and revealing and eep.I also wibble between leaving the opening chapters be until my first draft is done, or going back to shore them up (and bring the MG-flavored bits up to YA) now. So far I’ve settled for warning my readers if I’m referring to something in a chapter that seems to come from nowhere. It’s there in my head, I swear!
  • If you’ve been following my adventures here or on twitter long enough, you probably know I’m a gamer. If you’re a gamer, too, or are thinking you might like to try that whole dice-rolling, character-generating, why-is-the-GM-giggling, roleplaying thing out, you should watch this space. Because erm. I’ve done some writing (and am doing some more!) for some really fuckawesome games. When I have release dates and permission to say Hey, I worked on that!, I’ll shout about them to the internets.

The projects list, if you’re curious (these are mine. Freelance/work-for-hire stuff won’t be listed here for now):

Active projects:

  • The Fire Children 22,000 words and counting. Still aiming to have the first draft done in early spring.
  • Adrift — part of writing, for me, is reading. Both Master and Commander and Nine Princes in Amber were recommended to me several times during VP. I own and have started both. Looking forward to nicer weather, so I can go do research on ships in person. Probably a May or June start for this one, draft done sometime in the fall?

On the horizon:

  • “Wolves” — moved this above Billy, since it’s been loudest in my head recently. Might have something to do with the weather turning cold and us finally getting some snow. Really thinking I should take a night off from The Fire Children and poke at it, see if I can find its shape.
  • “The Reunion Tour of Billy James and the Flamethrowers, or How Billy Got the Band Back Together”
  • “The Desert in Fimbulwinter”
  • Cavale stories
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