Okay, so I slacked off on update posts, but hey, better actually putting words to page than goofing off on my blog tracking progress, right?

As an apology anyway, here is a picture of Pixel being helpful as I hit the final stretch.

Pun only sort of intended.
Pun only sort of intended.

Anyway, this is me going WOOOOOO The Fire Children is finally a finished first draft, coming in at 69,660 words. There’s some tweakage to be done, and I’m sure some notes-to-self I’ve forgotten way back in early chapters.

It took, hrm, about 14 months to write from the day I started setting it down until now, but there were several months in there where I hardly touched it at all. I let it sit part of last summer (yes, just after starting) while I waited for Miriam’s feedback. Then the fall was, well, busy. Worldcon and work commitments and Viable Paradise and freelancing commitments and then hello holidays and…

Yeah. The end of last year got a little ridiculous. I paused again early this spring for a different freelancing project, and again at the start of the summer.

Then Feathermeet.

Then Gen Con.

If you look at the Storytoolz stats, it gives a pretty good idea of what was going on. During those flatlines on The Fire Children, I was writing, oh, 45,000 words’ worth of freelance stuff.

It tells me I had 42 “active” days on the project, with an average of 1659 words during those days.  Surprising, on one hand, that out of 393 days, I was “active” about 10% of them, though I also know I didn’t upload stats every single time I put words to paper. This last stretch, which Storytoolz sees as about 6700 words in one day, was probably done over the span of three or four.  Which, heh, when I break out the calculator equals 1675 words/day. SO.

Anyway. Now this gets stuck in a drawer for a couple of weeks. I have the rest of my Night Owls edits to keep me busy. Eventually I’ll print out the manuscript and make fixes, then get it off my desk and onto Miriam’s. Hopefully she won’t think it’s dreadful, dreadful, DREADFUL, and will send it off into the wild.

Then maybe someday you lot will get to read it. I’d like that. I’m proud of this one.

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