Shut Up and Take My Money

Because this blog has been a lot of me me me lately, here’s some stuff that’s not!

Kickstarter has introduced me to so many new and shiny creative projects. These are a few that tickle my fancy, and I hope might tickle yours. If you dig the sound of any but can’t contribute, how about a signal boost?


First off, we have Will Hindmarch’s Project DarkAre you a fan of Thief? Do you play a rogue in any game that offers it as a class? Do you secretly wish you were one of Scott Lynch’s Gentlemen Bastards? Then this game is for you.

Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bonean inclusive Norse fantasy RPG using the Fate Core setting? Yes please!


Women Destroy Science Fictionif they reach their stretch goals, we’ll get to destroy horror and fantasy, too! Huzzah!

Dark Trails: An Anthology of Weird Western StoriesJust look at that table of contents. /makes grabby hands

Streets of Shadows: A Noir Urban Fantasy Fiction Anthology — Again with the TOC.

Unidentified Funny Objects 3Editor Alex Shvartsman is one of my Viable Paradise classmates, and he’s bringing us a third collection of humorous SF stories. Have I mentioned the contributors? Because /glee

Are there any projects on your radar that I’ve missed? Drop a link in the comments! (No need to limit it to Kickstarter, by the by. Projects hosted on Indiegogo, GoFundMe, Patreon, etc are all welcome.)

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