State of the Things, February 2014

The first Thing, I suppose, is whoa, holy crap, we are now in the same 30-day period in which Night Owls gets published!

My mind still reels at that. Someday soon, finished copies will arrive, and then… and then… /wibbles

If you’re attending Boskone this month, I’ll be participating in The Book Launch Party on Saturday the 15th from 7:30-9:00 in the Galleria Con Suite. Come say hello! I plan to have a few copies of Night Owls to give away.

Also, Publishers Weekly gave it a pretty solid review. Huzzah!

On the new writing front:

  • Hill and I have started something horror-flavored. I’ll get a wordcount link over on the sidebar when it has a name. Which it currently doesn’t. Titles are hard, kids.
  • I’m writing some shiny freelance stuff for games I really dig. Stay tuned!
  • Getting back to work on Adrift, including reading the two books that were recommended to me several times, by several instructors, at Viable Paradise: Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny, and Master and Commander by Patrick O’Brian. Totally disparate works, but each with elements I can learn from for my own.

Short stories! It feels strange to have some time to really think about these, since they’ve been showing up in my updates for uh, a long time now, but the ideas are still with me, and now and then I’ve looked longingly at them in my ideas folder and whispered not yet. Thinking it’s time to dedicate one night of writing a week to them, see how they shake out.

  • “Wolves”
  • “The Desert in Fimbulwinter”
  • “The Reunion Tour of Billy James and the Flamethrowers, or How Billy Got the Band Back Together”

You might notice Ghost Town, the sequel to Night Owls, is complete over there on the sidebar. First draft is done, done, done, and my editor did not send it back to me on fire fueled by a gallon of red ink. So, edits for that are also on the docket.

/googles “Is pen ink flammable”
/wastes five minutes in research spiral
/answer is: “probably not, but some dudes lit a pen on fire and posted it to youtube.”

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3 Responses to State of the Things, February 2014

  1. There is a remarkable amount of water in pen ink — the fountain pen kind, at any rate. I don’t think there are enough other solvents in there at high enough concentration to burn properly.

    Ballpoint ink is rubber-based, which I have experience of in large quantities from letterpress. It uses organic solvents. I bet it actually would burn if you got it hot enough with enough oxygen, in the same way as tires, but it’d be pretty reluctant about it. (The things we really worry about for fire safety in the printshop are the raw solvents and the used, solvent-soaked rags.)

    This response brought to you by my own research spiral some time a couple years ago when I first got interested in fountain pens. :-)

  2. falconesse says:

    See? Good things to know!

    I suspect what was actually burning in the youtube video wasn’t the ink, but the plastic tube that holds it.

  3. Yeah, quite likely. There’s so little ink, and the plastic’s fairly flammable as is.

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