Burninating the Internets

(See? Because “blog tour” rhymes with “Trogdor.”)

Yes, I’m off on a blog tour! I picture myself ordering virtual room service and drinking all the expensive virtual booze out of the mini-fridge before I jet off in virtual first class seats (more booze! fancy airplane food!) to the next tour stop.

So, here’s where you’ll find me in the coming weeks. I’ll update links as the posts go up. Lots of the blogs that are kind enough to be hosting me or putting up a review are also doing giveaways for Night Owls. Hie thee forth and enter!

I’ll be doing weekly roundups of these so I’m not overwhelming you with links. Here goes:

2/17 – All Things Urban Fantasy, review

2/18 – My Shelf Confessions, Q&A/giveaway and a review

2/19 – Fade Into Fantasy, Q&A

2/20 – That’s What I’m Talking About, review, guest post and giveaway

2/21 – Candace’s Book Blog, review/giveaway

Bonus! Check out this write-up over at Badass Book Reviews – I consider the Buffy reference the highest compliment.  My nerd heart went squee when the reviewer compared the Night Owls crew to the Scooby Gang.

Also hooooooooly gee, you guys I have a book coming out in a week!


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  1. Hooray! Spreading your words far and wide aye!? Good luck!

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