One Week On

Night Owls has been out for a week today. I’ve done the nervous new author things, including checking reviews (they’ve been good!) and wandering into a bookstore, looking at the book, and forgetting to offer to sign the stock. I’m off travelling for work this week, and my coworkers have been bringing me copies to sign, which is humbling and amazing.

More when I’m home and have a chance to catch my breath.

The blog tour continues! Surf on over to these sites for reviews, interviews, and giveaways this week:

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3/4: Yummy Men and Kickass ChicksReview
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3/6: On Starships & DragonwingsReview, giveaway
3/7: I Smell SheepReview

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2 Responses to One Week On

  1. Sara Leigh says:

    This is so exciting! One of my friends saw your book on my table and was very interested. So when’s the book tour?

  2. falconesse says:

    WordPress failed to email me about a new comment! *kicks blog engine*

    No physical book tour this time around, but I might have to give one of the Seattle bookstores a heads-up when I go out there in July, since it’s nerd family reunion, and it might be worthwhile to tack on a stock signing.

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